What sounds do guinea pigs make and what do they mean?


What sounds do guinea pigs make and what do they mean?

What sounds do guinea pigs make and what do they mean?


The Vocal Guinea Pig: Understanding Their Sounds

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are adorable and sociable pets that come in a variety of breeds and colors. While they may not be as loud as dogs or cats, guinea pigs have their unique way of communicating with their owners and fellow guinea pigs. These small rodents produce a range of sounds that convey different meanings. Understanding these sounds can help pet owners better comprehend their guinea pigs' needs, feelings, and overall well-being.

1. Wheeking: The Symphony of Hunger

Wheeking is one of the most common sounds guinea pigs make. It is a high-pitched squeal that resembles a whistle or a "wheek" sound. Guinea pigs typically wheek when they are excited, anticipating food, or calling out for attention. This sound is often heard during mealtime or when they hear the rustling of food bags. If you hear your guinea pig wheeking, it's a sign that they are hungry and eager for a tasty treat. Make sure to provide them with fresh hay, vegetables, and a balanced diet to keep them satisfied.

2. Purring: The Melody of Contentment

Similar to cats, guinea pigs also purr when they are happy, relaxed, or content. However, guinea pig purring sounds different from a cat's purr. Guinea pigs produce a soft and steady vibrating sound, often accompanied by a relaxed body posture and closed eyes. When you stroke your guinea pig's back gently, they might start purring to express their pleasure and enjoyment. Purring is a positive sign indicating that your furry friend feels safe and comfortable in their environment.

3. Chutting: The Language of Excitement

Chutting is a unique vocalization guinea pigs make when they are excited or curious about something. It is a series of short, rapid, and high-pitched sounds that resemble a bird chirping or a guinea pig saying "chut chut chut." You may notice this sound when your guinea pig explores a new toy, sniffs an interesting scent, or encounters a new guinea pig friend. Chutting is a sign of enthusiasm and eagerness, showing that your guinea pig is enjoying their surroundings.

4. Teeth Chattering: The Warning Signal

When a guinea pig feels threatened or perceives danger nearby, they may produce a teeth chattering sound. This sound is characterized by rapid and rhythmic grinding of their teeth. Teeth chattering is a sign of fear, aggression, or stress. It is essential to identify the cause of their discomfort and remove any potential threats or stressors from their environment. Providing a calm and secure space for your guinea pig will help alleviate their anxiety and promote their well-being.

5. Whining: The Call for Attention

If your guinea pig feels lonely, bored, or wants to interact with you, they may whine or emit a low-pitched sound. This sound is often accompanied by a slight head tilt and a pleading expression. Whining is your guinea pig's way of seeking companionship and attention. Spending quality time with your pet, offering gentle petting, and engaging in interactive play sessions will help fulfill their social needs and keep them happy and content.

6. Rumbling: The Love Song

When guinea pigs are feeling amorous, they produce a low, vibrating sound called rumbling. It's their way of expressing affection and attraction to another guinea pig. Rumbling is often accompanied by gentle nudging, mounting, or displaying other mating behaviors. If you have multiple guinea pigs, you may hear them rumbling during their courtship rituals. However, if you notice aggressive behaviors alongside rumbling, it's essential to separate the guinea pigs to prevent any harm or fighting.


Guinea pigs may not speak our language, but they communicate with us through a variety of vocalizations. Understanding their sounds can deepen the bond between you and your furry companions. From wheeking for food to purring in contentment, each sound conveys a specific message and emotion. By paying close attention to these sounds, you can ensure your guinea pigs' well-being and provide them with the love and care they deserve. So, embrace the symphony of guinea pig sounds and enjoy the wonderful world of cavies!

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